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Success Stories


'I have so much sun damage from when I was young and Lindsay has been so great in helping me understand what is achievable, how we can do it, and what it will cost. I'm really enjoying the amazing improvement on my face, chest, hands and arms. I don't feel so embarrassed now and wish it was always winter! My age spots and sun spots are either gone or so light I don't even notice them!'

Penny, 64

'I have sensitive skin on my face and struggled with freckles after years of enjoying the Australian sun. Lindsay treated my sun spots and they disappeared after 2 treatments! Thank you Lindsay!!'

Meliany, 39

'I've always been quite hairy but as I got older the hair on my back and sides was getting ridiculous! Lindsay made me feel at ease straight away when usually I'm very self conscious. I appreciated her professionalism and results.'

Jimmi, 43

'I really love that Lindsay was able to remove the hair on my legs in half the number of treatments that another place was able to remove the hair on my arms. She really creates an individual treatment plan for you and I am so happy with the results!'

Fi, 22

I enjoy the sun but have come to see the damage it has done to arms, face, chest and neck. Thankfully, Lindsay created a plan for me that was affordable and best yet, she removed  my sun and age spots (not to mention treating those fine lines, red spots and more). Thank you Lindsay, your honesty about outcomes and pricing were right and I thank you for what you've done for my skin.

Amanda, 39