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Is micro-needling worth all the hype?

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

In a word, yes, but let me explain why.

If you get a course of treatments from a trained skin clinician (I’m talking about the salon skin-needling, not derma roller home kits) then this is what it can do for your skin:

· Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

· Reduce the appearance of pigmentation

· Improve acne scarring

· Address unwanted stretch marks

· Even out, revitalise and freshen your complexion

· Reduce enlarged pores

· Boost collagen production

Not a bad outcome for a few punctures, huh?

Yes, there will be some mild discomfort…. But anyone who’s had beauty treatments, from pigmentation removal to waxing, will know that with beauty sometimes comes pain. And by pain I mean tiny puncture wounds that you won’t see and might feel uneasy about during the treatment for a few seconds. The media has made it out to be worse than it is. By wounding your skin, the flip side is that your skin has to renew and regenerate. The result is a younger, healthier, replenished you. Enticing huh?

Better yet, if you have recent scarring you’re not fond of (is anyone ever fond of a scar?) then skin-needling will reduce the scarring dramatically (if the scar isn’t too old). So don’t wait forever, book in now!

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